Review: Potions and Pastries

Potions and Pastries Potions and Pastries by Bailey Cates
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***NetGalley Review***

Katie is out on the town with her her boyfriend, Declan and her Aunt and Uncle when they run into Orla on the boardwalk. Orla is a fortune teller from an Irish Traveler family. Irish Travelers are similar to the Romani (Gypsies). Orla happens to be a customer at their bakery where they sell baked good with a touch of magic added to them.
When Katie and her Aunt run into Orla the next day, something bad happens. Orla is struck by a car and killed. What made Orla step in front of it? Katie, Declan, her Aunt and Uncle, and the rest of the witchy coven help her figure out if she was under a spell or was it something else that compelled her.
During all this one of the coven members is a real estate agent trying to show Katie and Declan a house for them to move into but Katie doesn't want to leave the home she is in now. There isn't room for them both. Orla had told her she was going to have to sacrifice something did she mean the house or Declan?
This series is a light fun magical mystery. I enjoy the characters and the paranormal element. I hope Katie and Declan continue to move forward in their relationship and maybe they'll be married with children in future books.

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