Review: Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep Like a Baby Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris
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***NetGalley Review***

Aurora Teagarden has finally become a mother. She and Robin are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter named Sophie. After a couple months they are finally getting their life into a routine.
Robin has been nominated for an award for one of his books and he is going to the ceremony to see if he's won. Aurora stays home to be with their newborn. On the morning that he's set to leave Aurora wakes up feeling sick. She makes Robin go anyway but he calls in a woman that had helped them with Sophie when she was first born. It turns out Aurora has the flu. Virgina is doing a good job at first. With the help of Aurora's brother, Phillip they got her covered. Then one night Aurora wakes up to hear Sophie crying and Virgina is missing. When she goes to look outside for her she instead finds another woman dead in her backyard.
Aurora has another murder mystery to solve. But she has the flu and a newborn. Can she do it? You know she can. With a little help from Robin and Phillip.
I enjoyed this cozy mystery. I guess I like Whodunits on the lighter side most of the time. This is well written and the characters are interesting. I think since Charlaine Harris has come back to this series to continue it that she's done a great job. Although I do feel like it might be harder for Aurora to solve mysteries with a baby in tow. But we will see.

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